Located in The Vanchiglia neighborhood of Turin, Italy, in the beautiful Piedmont region, Kim Williams Books has traditionally specialized in relationships between the sciences, architecture and art. This includes studies dealing with of the relationships between art, architecture and the sciences, the history of science and mathematics and the history of the arts. Now these areas of study are joined by new volumes on music (Blow! Suonare l'armonica cromatica by Alberto Varaldo), art (Opere 2014 | 2000 by Fulvio Donorà), drama (Prosecuzione e fine dell'Arlecchineide by Ferruccio Busoni) and autobiography (Some of My Life and Times by William J. Williams).

Kim Williams is the director of the successful, on-going conference series, "Nexus: Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics." When she first began writing about architecture and mathematics in 1988, there was no specific venue for the publication of scholarly studies regarding the relationships of architecture to geometry, theories of proportion, number symbolism and the like. The Nexus conferences began in 1996, along with the book series, "Nexus: Architecture and Mathematics". The first three conferences were held in Italy, in Fucecchio (1996), Mantua (1998), Ferrara (2000). In 2002, the first Nexus conference outside of Italy was held in Obidos, Portugal. Nexus 2004 took place in Mexico City. Nexus 2006 brought Nexus once again to Italy, and took place in Genoa in June 2006. Nexus 2008 took place in San Diego, California. Nexus 2010 was held Porto, Portugal. Nexus 2012 was held in Milan. The tenth Nexus conference, Nexus 2014, took place in Ankara, Turkey, in June 2014. The eleventh edition, Nexus 2016, is scheduled to take place in San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain, 6-9 June 2016. The conferences attract an international following of architects and mathematicians, but also historians, scientists, archaeologists and theologians.

The response to the biennial conferences was so great that in 1999 Kim Williams founded the Nexus Network Journal, a peer-reviewed journal for mathematics and mathematics. The NNJ is published both in electronic form and in print. As of January 2006, the NNJ is co-published by Kim Williams Books and Birkhauser Publishers of Basel, Switzerland.

In 2000 Kim Williams Books was founded to publish full-length studies and monographs. Based on her experience publishing the Nexus books and the Nexus Network Journal, Kim Williams is able to publish books of the highest quality, based on careful review and editing, and printing and binding using the latest technology and fine paper stocks and binding.