NexusIIIcartoutNexus III: Architecture and Mathematics
Kim Williams, ed.

June 2000 / Paper / ISBN 88-77813-04-0 / 184 pp. printed on acid-free paper
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This third book in the Nexus series offers papers that further broaden the horizons of studies in architecture and mathematics. One kind of analysis offered here, the geometrical analysis of an existing architectural monument, is treated in a different light, that is, with as much of an emphasis on methodology as on the particular results. These geometric approaches illustrate the usefulness of a rigorous mathematical approach to the study of architecture. A different kind of approach is offered by the examination of contemporary architecture through linear algebra. Nexus III: Architecture and Mathematics also includes discussions of the architecture of non-European cultures: Arabic, Inkan and Ottoman. Other contributions consider the symbolic value of perspective in painted representations of architecture, proportions in the architecture of Palladio and Wright, the issue of shape in the architecture of Le Corbusier.


Kim Williams. "Preface."
Franca Caliò and Elena Marchetti. "Generation of Architectural Forms Through Linear Architecture."
Paul Calter and Kim Williams. "Measuring Up to Michelangelo: A Methodology."
Alessandra Capanna. "Conoids and Hyperbolic Paraboloids in Le Corbusier's Philips Pavilion."
Yvonne Dold-Samplonius. "Calculation of Arches and Domes in 15th-century Samarkand."
Leonard K. Eaton. "Mathematics and Music in the Art Glass Windows of Frank Lloyd Wright."
Rachel Fletcher. "Golden Proportions in a Great House: Palladio's Villa Emo."
Luigi Pepe. "Architecture and Mathematics in Ferrara from the Thirteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries."
Mark Reynolds. "A New Geometric Analysis of the Pazzi Chapel in Santa Croce, Florence."
Zafer Sagdic. "Ottoman Architecture: Relationships Between Architectural Design and Mathematics in Architect Sinan's Works."
William D. Sapp. "Design, Construction and Measurement in the Inka Empire."
David Speiser. "Architecture, Mathematics and Theology in Raphael's Paintings."
Stephen R. Wassell. "Art and Mathematics Before the Quattrocento: A Context for Understanding Renaissance Architecture."
Carol Martin Watts. "The Geometry of the Master Plan of Roman Florence and its Surroundings."