NexusIVcartoutReleased in June 2002
Nexus IV: Architecture and Mathematics
José Francisco Rodrigues and Kim Williams, eds.

June 2002 / Paper / ISBN 88-88479-09-0 / 270 pp./ ill. 140 bw / printed on acid-free paper
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This fourth book in the Nexus series offers papers that further broaden the horizons of studies in architecture and mathematics. Over the years, Nexus has truly shown itself to have created a just that: a nexus between disciplines, between "languages", between cultures. This new collection of papers carries on the splendid interdisciplinary variety that has characterized the previous three volumes: architects, historians, theoreticians, mathematicians and scientists from Australia, Canada, China, France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States, present papers on subjects as diverse as shape grammars, amphitheaters, neo-Platonism, Stonehenge, scientific rationalism, Vastu geometry, cubic equations and systems of proportion. Western architecture of almost every period is examined: Egyptian, Roman, medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Enlightenment, twentieth-century, as is the architecture of China, India and Islam. Containing such diversity in a single volume is quite a feat; that is, it is a volume as rich as the Nexus conferences themselves.


José Francisco Rodrigues and Kim Williams. "Preface."
Lionel March. "Architecture and Mathematics since 1960."
Alberto Pérez-Gómez. "Architecture as Verb and the Ethics of Making."
Robert Tavernor. "Measure, Metre, Irony: Reuniting Pure Mathematics with Architecture."
Marie-Thérèse Zenner. "Structural Stability and the Mathematics of Motion in Medieval Architecture."
Sylvie Duvernoy. "Architecture and Mathematics in Roman Amphitheatres."
Steven Fleming. "Louis Kahn's Platonic Approach to Number and Geometry."
Rumiko Handa. "Coelum Britannicum: Inigo Jones and Symbolic Geometry."
John Hatch. "The Science behind Borromini's Divine Geometry."
Andrew I-Kang Li. "Algorithmic Architecture in Twelfth-Century China: The Yingzao Fashi."
Vini Nathan. "Vastu Geometry: Beyond Building Codes."
Alpay Özdural. "The Use of Cubic Equations in Islamic Art and Architecture."
Richard Padovan. "Dom Hans van der Laan and the Plastic Numbers."
Graham Pont and Peter Proudfoot. "From Cosmic City to Esoteric Cinema: Pythagorean Mathematics and Design in Australia."
Peter Schneider. "Old Shoes, New Feet: The Puzzle of the First Square in Ancient Egyptian Architecture."
Anthony Scibilia. "Perspective Before Perspective: The Spaces of Medieval Architecture."
Randy S. Swanson. "Practical and Theoretical Applications of Geometry at Claude Perrault's Observatoire de Paris."
João Pedro Xavier. "António Rodrigues, a Portuguese Architect with a Scientific Inclination."