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NexusIcartoutNexus: Architecture and Mathematics
Kim Williams, ed.

June 1996 / Paper / ISBN 88-86888-04-X / 208 pp. printed on acid-free paper
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Nexus: Architecture and Mathematics is the record of presentations given during the first Nexus conference, "Nexus '96: Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics," Fucecchio (Florence) 9-12 June 1996. The question that engineer Mario Salvadori explores in his address to the conference is a pertinent one: Can there be any relationships between architecture and mathematics? The papers in this volume demonstrate amply that there can. What mathematical ideas are present in architecture? Presented are geometrical forms and constructions, proportions, modular systems, minimum surfaces, number theory and symbolism, dimensional manipulation, fractals, and symmetry. How does architecture inspire mathematical thinking? Nexus: Architecture and Mathematics illustrates the relationships between pentadecagonal symmetry and Pisan mathematics of the 13th century; between the tensile structures of Frei Otto and ways to measure minimum surfaces; between the geodesic domes of Buckminister Fuller and the inherent stability of Archimedean solids. It appears then that rigorous mathematical processes and empirical architectural processes are not antithetical, but complementary. Each discipline is enriched by the discoveries of the other.