NNJvol1-newcart1Nexus Network Journal
Volume 1 (1999)

June 2000 / Paper / ISSN 1590-5896 / ISBN 8879232215 / 200 pp./ printed on acid-free paper
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The Nexus Network Journal volume 1 (1999) contains articles on architecture and mathematics that present the subject in the widest possible panorama. Articles printed here appeared on the Internet in 4 quarterly issues during calendar year 1999. Thus, like the Nexus conferences and the Nexus series of books, it is interdisciplinary and multicultural. The issues explored in this present volume are proportion, number symbolism, triangulation, fuzzy logic and tiling patterns; the cultures discussed include the Egyptian, Mesoamerican, European and Persian; the authors are art historians, geometers, mathematicians and architects.



Marco Frascari. "Architectural Traces of an Admirable Cipher: Eleven in the Opus of Carlo Scarpa."
Mark Reynolds. "A comparative Geometrical Analysis of the Heights and Bases of the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan."
Charles M. Rosenberg. "In the Footprints of a Prince: A Look at Renaissance Ferrara."
Adriana Rossi. "Study the Works of Peter Eisenmann? Why?!"
Nikos Salingaros. "Architecture, Patterns and Mathematics."
Reza Sarhangi. "The Sky Within: Mathematical Aesthetics of Persian Dome Interiors."
John Sharp. "Cosmati Pavements at Westminster Abbey."
Marcello Spigaroli. "Pulchritudo sive proportio. Architecture and Mathematics in the Gothic of the Mendicants."
Vera W. de Spinadel. "'Triangulature' in Andrea Palladio."
Stephen R. Wassell. "Mathematics in Palladio's Villas: Workshop '98."
Kim Williams. "Spirals and Rosettes in Architectural Ornament."


Leonard K. Eaton. "Book review, Nexus: Architecture and Mathematics."
Leonard K. Eaton. "Book review, Fractal Geometry in Architecture and Design."
Holger Falter. "Book review, Werner Sobek. The Art of Engineering."
Solomon Marcus. "Book review, Bridges. Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science."
Mark Peterson. "Book review, The Invention of Infinity."
John Sharp. "Book review, The Byrom Collection."
Kim Williams. "Book review, Historic Floors, Their History and Conservation."

Daniel F. Daniel and Reza Sarhangi. "Conference report: Bridges 99."
David Peat. "Conference report: Art and Science."
Micheal Serra. "Conference report: Nexus 98 and Escher Centennial."
Vera W. de Spinadel. "Conference report: ISAMA 99."
Vera W. de Spinadel. "Conference report: M&D98, Nexus 98, Palladio Workshop 98."


Annotated bibliography of books related to architecture and mathematics.