NNJvol2-newcart1Nexus Network Journal
Volume 2 (2000)

June 2001 / Paper / ISSN 1590-5896 / ISBN 8879232509 / 232 pp./ printed on acid-free paper
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With Special CD Supplement: "Modular Games" by Slavik Jablan €30.00 Euro

The Nexus Network Journal: Architecture and Mathematics volume 2 (2000) contains articles on architecture and mathematics that, like the Nexus conferences and the Nexus series of books, are interdisciplinary and multicultural. In addition to Research Articles, volume 2 of the NNJ includes The Geometer's Angle by Mark A. Reynolds, a new Didactics column, Book Reviews, Conference Reports and The Virtual Library.


Kim Williams. Letter from the Editor

Denes Nagy. Architecture and Mathematics: From an Odd Couple to a New Partnership

Special CD Supplement

Donald W. Crowe. Introduction to Slavik Jablan's "Modular Games"
Slavik Jablan. "Modular Games" (CD)


Kazimierz Butelski. The Architecture of Curved Shapes
Paul A. Calter. How to Construct a Logarithmic Rosette (Without Even Knowing It)
Martin Euser. Pythagorean Triangles and Musical Proportions
Jay Kappraff. The Arithmetic of Nicomachus of Gerasa and its Applications to Systems of Proportion
Giangiacomo Martines. The Relationship Between Architecture and Mathematics in the Pantheon
Terry M. Mikiten, Nikos A. Salingaros, Hing-Sing Yu. Pavements as Embodiments of Meaning for a Fractal Mind
Michael Ostwald. Under Siege: The Golden Mean in Architecture
Helmut Sander. A Geometrical Ensemble to Generate the Squaring of the Circle
Kim Williams. Environmental Patterns: Paving Designs by Tess Jaray
Nancy Wu. Hugues Libergier and His Instruments

Nexus 2000 Round Table Discussion

Carol Martin Watts, Moderator. Methodology in Architecture and Mathematics

The Geometer's Angle
Mark A. Reynolds. Marriages of Incommensurables

Liliana Curcio and Roberto di Martino. Experiences in a Model-Making Laboratory
Pierangela Rinaldi. The Renaissance, Geometry and Architecture
Michael Serra. A Term Project: Creating a Geometry Cathedral

Book Reviews
Abdul Karim Bangura. Ron Eglash, African Fractals: Modern Computing and Indigenous Design
Alessandra Capanna. Willy Boesiger and Hans Girsberger, eds. Le Corbusier 1910-65
Alessandra Capanna. Manfredi Nicoletti, Sergio Musmeci. Organicità di forme e forze nello spazio
Jay Kappraff. Cecil Balmond, The Number 9: The Search for the Sigma Code
Mark Peterson. Lionel March, Architectonics of Humanism
Gert Sperling. Klaus Schröer and Klaus Irle, Ich aber quadriere den Kreis...
Stephen R. Wassell. Branko Mitrovic, trans. Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola, Canon of the Five Orders of Architecture
Kim Williams. Benno Artmann, Euclid. The Creation of Mathematics
Kim Williams. Robert Tavernor, On Alberti and the Art of Building
Kim Williams. Joachim Krausse and Claude Lichtenstein, eds., Your Private Sky. Buckminster Fuller

Conference Reports

Timothy Brown. Nexus 2000 Post Conference Workshop Tour
Yvonne Dold-Samplonius. 2000 Years Transmission of Mathematical Ideas
Holger Falter. International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS)
Orietta Pedemonte. Architecture and Mathematics: Analytic Methods, Geometric Methods and Representations in Architecture
Ivars Peterson. ISAMA 2000
Vera W. de Spinadel. 9th International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME-9)
Kim Williams. Nexus 2000

The Virtual Library