NexusIIcartoutNexus II: Architecture and Mathematics
Kim Williams, ed.

June 1998 / Paper / ISBN 88-86888-13-9 / 190 pp. printed on acid-free paper
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Nexus II: Architecture and Mathematics is the second volume in the Nexus series, following the first volume published in 1996. The aim of this collections of essays is to present a broad definition of the ways in which two seemingly different disciplines are interconnected. Included are papers concerned with families of numbers that lend themselves to the creation of proportional systems, such as the "equiangular numbers", the influence of African arts and crafts on architecture, the architectural significance of geometric constructions, aperiodic and periodic tilings in Australian architecture, the use of mathematics in the development of structural techniques, and mathematics in the urban fabric of Venice. The mathematical nature of the architecture of Leon Battista Alberti, Andrea Palladio and Frank Lloyd Wright is examined, and the philosophical background behind Renaissance architecture is explored. The diversity and varied texture of the essays richly illustrates the affinity between architecture and mathematics. Contributors come from a wide range of disciplines and cultural backgrounds: mathematicians from France, the United States, Argentina, Mozambique and Italy; architects from the United States and Australia; engineers from Italy and Germany; philosophers and religious from Italy and Germany. Architecture may be seen and understood in a new light, by professionals as well as non-professionals.

Henry Crapo and Claude Le Conte de Poly Barbut. "Equiangular Numbers."
Leonard K. Eaton. "Fractal Geometry in the Late Work of Frank Lloyd Wright: the Palmer House."
Michele Emmer. "La Venezia Perfetta: the Geometry of the City."
Holger Falter. "The Influence of Mathematics on the Development of Structural Form."
Marco Frascari and Livio Volpi Ghirardini. "Contra Divinam Proportionem."
Paulus Gerdes. "On Some Geometrical and Architectural Ideas from African Art and Craft."
Ben Nicholson, Jay Kappraff, Saori Hisano. "The Hidden Pavement Designs of the Laurentian Library."
Michael J. Ostwald. "Aperiodic Tiling, Penrose Tiling and the Generation of Architectural Forms."
Salvatore di Pasquale. "Leon Battista Alberti and the Art of Building."
Gert Sperling. "The 'Quadrivium' in the Pantheon of Rome."
Vera W. de Spinadel. "The Metallic Means and Design."
Graziella Federici Vescovini. "Nicholas of Cusa, Alberti and the Architectonics of the Mind."
Stephen R. Wassell. "The Mathematics of Palladio's Villas."

"The contributions in this book are sometimes the results of collaboration between scholars in diverse fields, but even in the work of individual scholars there exists a strong tendency towards a plurality of points of view, as though all the contributors have noted that mathematical thought attempts to weave various ways of rationalising into a whole whose deeper nature still remains elusive." Roberto Di Martino, reviewer. Lettera Matematica Pristem, vol. 29.