NexusV-covercartoutReleased in June 2004
Nexus V: Architecture and Mathematics
Kim Williams and Francisco J. Delgado Cepeda, eds.

June 2004 / Paper / ISBN 88-88479-34-1 / 200 pp. printed on acid-free paper /
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This fifth book in the Nexus: Architecture and Mathematics conference series offers papers that further broaden the horizons of interdisciplinary studies in architecture and mathematics. Over the years, Nexus has truly shown itself to have created a just that: a nexus between disciplines, between "languages", between cultures. This new collection of papers carries on the splendid interdisciplinary variety that has characterized the previous four volumes: architects, historians, theoreticians, mathematicians and scientists from Mexico, Spain, Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States, present papers on subjects as diverse as the Fibonacci sequence, muqarnas, fractals, Teotihuacan, joiners' methods, triangular geometry, musical proportions and computer-assisted preservation of Gothic architecture. Western architecture of almost every period is examined: Egyptian, Roman, medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Enlightenment, twentieth-century, as is the architecture of China, India and Islam. This fifth volume of the Nexus: Architecture and Mathematics conference series adds seventeen more important papers to the growing collection of studies in architecture and mathematics that is the aim of the Nexus conferences and the Nexus Network Journal.

Kim Williams, Francisco J. Delgado Cepeda. "Introduction"
Hernán Díaz Alonso and Florencia Pita. "Topologies of Beauty: From the Ugly to the Horrific"
Kivi Sotomaa. "Driven by the Sublime"
Javier Barrallo. "Mathematics and Structural Repair of Gothic Structures"
Maria Teresa Bartoli. "The Fibonacci Sequence and the Palazzo dei Priori"
Michael Bispham. "The Rod Method: Traditional Numberless Design and Layout"
Gerardo Burkle-Elizondo, Nicoletta Sala, Ricardo Valdéz-Cepeda. "Geometric and Complex Analysis of Maya Architecture"
Yvonne Dold-Samplonius, Silvia Harmsen. "Muqarnas: Construction and Reconstruction"
Eugenia Victoria Ellis. "Geomantic (Re)Creation: Magic Squares and Claude Bragdon's Theosophic Architecture"
Gulzar Haider, Muhammad Moussa. "Explicit and Implicit Geometric Orders in Mamluk Floors"
Carol Hermann. "Architecture and Programming: Generative Design"
Izumi Kuroishi. "Mathematics of Carpentry in Historic Japanese Architecture"
Jin-Ho Park. "Triangular Geometry in Rudolf Schindler's Packard House 0f 1924"
Rafael Ramirez, Alfonso Ramirez. "Curves in Clay: Mexican Brick Vaults and Domes"
Mark A. Reynolds. "A New Geometric Analysis of the Plan of the Teotihuacan Complex"
Radoslav Zuk. "From Renaissance Musical Proportion to Twentieth Century Polytoniality"