NexusVI-covercartoutReleased in June 2006!
Nexus VI: Architecture and Mathematics
Sylvie Duvernoy and Orietta Pedemonte, eds.

June 2006 / Paper / ISBN 88-88479-14-7 /ca. 200 pp. printed on acid-free paper /
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This sixth book in the Nexus: Architecture and Mathematics conference series marks the tenth year of Nexus activities. The papers included here further broaden the horizons of interdisciplinary studies in architecture and mathematics. Over the years, Nexus has truly shown itself to have created a just that: a nexus between disciplines, between "languages", between cultures. This new collection of papers carries on the splendid interdisciplinary variety that has characterized the previous four volumes: architects, historians, theoreticians, mathematicians and scientists from the world over -- Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, Great Britain, the United States, Australia, Brazil and Scotland -- present papers on subjects as diverse as the mathematics of the Doric order, the Hagia Sophia, geometry and ethics, paving a famous city square with quasi-periodic tiling, perspective construction in the fourth dimension, and the influence of computer technology on architecture. Western architecture of almost every period is examined: Greek, Roman, medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and contemporary. This volume adds thirteen more important papers to the growing collection of studies in architecture and mathematics that forms the heart of the Nexus conferences and the Nexus Network Journal.

Kim Williams and Sylvie Duvernoy. "Introduction"
Alessandra Capanna. "BiOrganic design: A New Method for Architecture and the City"
Sylvie Duvernoy, Paul Rosin. "The Compass, the Ruler and the Computer"
Ulrich Kortenkamp. "Paving the Alexanderplatz Efficiently with a Quasi-Periodic Tiling"
Elena Marchetti and Luisa Rossi Costa. "What Geometries in Milan Cathedral?"
Michael Ostwald. "Ethics and Geometry: Computational Transformations and the Curved Surface in Architecture"
Graham Pont. "Inauguration: Ritual Planning in Ancient Greece and Italy"
Tomás García-Salgado. "Exploring Architectural Form in Perspective: A Fractal Hypercube-Building"
Arzu Gönenç Sorguç. "The Role of Mathematics in the Design Process under the Influence of Computational and Information Technologies"
Rudolf H.W. Stichel, Helge Svenshon. "Systems of Monads' as Design Principle in Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: Neo-Platonic Mathematics in the Architecture of Late Antiquity"
Richard Talbot. "The Design and Perspective Construction of Uccello's Chalice: Why is the Chalice the Shape it is?"
Benamy Turkienicz, Rosirene Mayer. "Oscar Niemeyer Curved Lines: Few Words, Many Sentences"
Mark Wilson Jones. "Ancient Architecture and Mathematics: Methodology and a Modular Interpretation of the Doric Temple"
Maria Zack. "Are There Connections Between the Mathematical Thought and Architecture of Sir Christopher Wren?"