NexusVII-covercartoutReleased July 2008!
Nexus VII: Architecture and Mathematics
Kim Williams, ed.

June 2008 / Paper / ISBN 978-88-88479-18-7 /242 pp. printed on acid-free paper /
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This seventh book in the Nexus: Architecture and Mathematics conference series features 20 papers dealing with seven broad topics: Design theory, history, surveys, astronomy, representation, non-Western architecture and mathematics, and design analysis. Contributors from Portugal, Italy, the United States, Australia, Ireland, Denmark, Iran, Mexico and India present a lively and varied portrait of relationships between architecture and mathematics from the ancient to the actual.

Kim Williams. Preface
Andrzej Zarzycki. Formal Mutations: Designing a Transformative Experience
Tessa Morrison. Villalpando's Sacred Architecture in Light of Isaac Newton's Commentary
João Pedro Xavier. The Book of Perspective of António Rodrigues's Architectural Treatise from 1576
Avril Behan and Rachel Moss. Geometry, Metrology & Proportion in the Ecclesiastical Architecture of Medieval Ireland
Maurice Murphy, Sara Pavia, Eugene Mc Govern. Correlation of laser-scan surveys of Irish classical architecture with historic documentation from architectural pattern books
Niels Bandholm. The Celestial Key: Heaven Projected on Earth
Maria Zack. Robert Hooke's Fire Monument: Architecture as a Scientific Instrument
Kristina Luce. Raphael and the Pantheon's Interior: a Pivotal Moment in Architectural Representation
Ning Gu. A Grammar for Dynamic and Autonomous Design in 3D Virtual Environments
Alfonso Ramírez Ponce. Poetry, Music and Architecture
Vinay Mohan Das and Yogesh K Garg. Coding and generating complex intercolumniation grid patterns for pavilions described in traditional Indian architecture treatise
Peter W. Saltzman. Quasi-Periodicity in Islamic Ornamental Design
Steven Fleming and Mark Reynolds. An Historio-Geometrical Analysis of The Salk and its Unbuilt Gardens, Introducing a Method for Testing Intentions
Michael Ostwald. The Fractal Analysis of 20th Century Architecture: The House Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier
Michael R. Ytterberg. Alberti's Sant' Andrea and the Etruscan Proportion
John Poros. The Ruled Geometries of Marcel Breuer