Suonare l'armonica cromatica
Alberto Varaldo

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Dicembre 2014 / Paper / ISBN 978-88-88479-35-4 /
140 pp. / ill. colori /  / printed on acid-free paper / italiano

Prezzo di copertina: €30.00 Euro + spesa di spedizione

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L'Armoniosa complessità del mondo
Anna Curir

2° edizione, con correzioni
Febbraio 2014 / Paper / ISBN 978-88-88479-31-6 /
146 pp. / ill. 25 bw / Indice / printed on acid-free paper / italiano

Price : €20.00 Euro + spesa di spedizione

 "...un percorso al contempo agile e articolato all’interno dei processi che portano alla scoperta scientifica" (Oggi Scienza)
"...scritto con eleganza e passione sincera per un argomento che travalica i confini delle discipline" (BrainFactor)
"...questo lavoro della Curir riesce [...] a coprire un aspetto ancora inesplorato" (Orione)

Belli 2ndcart1On Ratio and Proportion
The Common Properties of Quantity
Silvio Belli

Translation and Commentary by
Stephen R. Wassell and Kim Williams
Foreword by
Lionel March

February 2002 / Paper / ISBN 88-88479-00-7 / 106 pp. printed on acid-free paper
Price : €15.00 Euro

I have truly found the Royal way of treating in their natural order all of matheamatics. And having begun with the Ratios and Proportions, Common Properties of Quantities, the univrsal subject of all Mathematics, and seeming to me that I have not only treated them, as I said, in their natural order, but have also amplified and pared them down where necessary, and with such facility have I explained them that they have become clear and easy, difficult though they were.
Silvio Belli, "To the Readers".

Basic-newcart1St. Donat and Alcuin's Acrostics: Case Studies in Carolingian Modulation
Rozmeri Basic

Released August 2003
August 2003 / Paper / ISBN 88-88479-02-3 / 130 pp. / ill. 50 bw / Index / printed on acid-free paper
Price : €15.00 Euro

Rozmeri Basic examines a modular way of thinking as a point of departure for the analysis of selected examples of architecture and literature, revealing that the church of St. Donat in Zadar, Croatia, and Alcuin's acrostics share some common principles of form.
This study consists of two phases: first to test the applicability of the modular organization of space in an architectural monument; and, second, to see if the same concept is applicable to a work of art in a different medium. By using the analytical tools of number symbolism and sequential organization of space, the study emphasized relationships between forms, meanings, and functions of the acrostics in regard to significant theological, historical, and political events of the time.