Nexus Network Journal
 Volume 7 Number 2 
(Autumn 2005)

Nexus Network Journal
 Volume 7 Number 2 
(Autumn 2005)
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NNJ-v7n2-coverNexus Network Journal

Volume 7 Number 2

(Autumn 2005)

March 2006 / Paper / ISBN 88-88479-13-9 / 118 pp. /printed on acid-free paper /

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In this issue, we have the very old and the very new. Architects have often been inspired by mathematical ideas that they are not immediately able to apply. Fractals present one case of this; the Möbius strip another.


Kim Williams. Letter from the Editor

David Speiser. Nexus Architecture and Mathematics: 
Aims -- Methods -- Criteria

Research Articles

Jean-Michel Kantor. A Tale of Bridges:

Topology and Architecture

Giulio Magli. Mathematics, astronomy, and sacred landscape in the Inka heartland

The Geometer's
Rachel Fletcher. The Square


Michele Emmer. Mathland: The role of Mathematics in Virtual Architecture

Andrea Pagano and Laura Tedeschini Lalli. Università Roma Tre 1995-2005: Architecture and Mathematics

Claudio Presta. Architecture for mathematics: The School of Mathematics at Città Universitaria in Rome

Book Reviews

David Howlett. On John Sharp's Review of Westminster Abbey: The Cosmati Pavements

Kim Williams. Math and the Mona Lisa by Bülent Atalay

Sarah Clough Edwards. Principles of Roman Architecture by Mark Wilson Jones .