Nexus Network Journal Volume 6 Number 1 (Spring 2004)

Nexus Network Journal Volume 6 Number 1 (Spring 2004)
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NNJ-v6n1-coverNexus Network Journal
Volume 6 Number 1
(Spring 2004)

September 2004 / Paper / ISBN 88-88479-10-4 / ca 160 pp. /printed on acid-free paper /
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Ancient cultures never cease to amaze us for their richness of content and technology. In this Spring 2004 issue of the Nexus Network Journal our authors take us back in time to various cradles of civilization to reveal the legacies that have come part of our global architectural heritage.

Kim Williams. Letter from the Editor

Kenza Boussora and Said Mazouz. The Use of the Golden Section in the Great Mosque of Kairouan
Graham Pont. Philosophy and Science of Music in Ancient Greece: The Predecessors of Pythagoras and Their Contributions
Daniele Capo. The Fractal Nature of the Architectural Orders

The Geometer's Angle
Mark A. Reynolds. Geometer's Angle™ no. 11:
The Bilunabirotunda

Book Reviews
Kerry London and Michael Ostwald. Architectural Research Methods by Linda Groat and David Wang
Steve Wassell. A Generative Theory of Shape by Michael Leyton
Steven Fleming. The Awakening of Geometrical Thought in Early Culture by Paulus Gerdes

Conference Reports
Lambert Rosenbusch. Introduction to "The Pantheon: "Symbol of the universe" and "The Interpretation in Northern Europe" "
Gert Sperling. Early Orchestration: The Pantheon as a Resonance Element
Lambert Rosenbusch. The Pantheon as an image of the Universe
Peter Wilkins. The Pantheon as globe shaped conception

Exhibit Review
Emanuel Jannasch. The Geometry of Aspiration: John Macnab's Sculpture