Nexus Network Journal Volume 5 Number 1 (Winter 2003)

Nexus Network Journal Volume 5 Number 1 (Winter 2003)
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NNJ-v5n1-coverNexus Network Journal
Volume 5 Number 1
(Winter 2003)
"Optics and Perspective"
David A. Vila Domini,
Guest Editor

Forthcoming October 2003 / Paper / ISSN 1590-5896 / 190 pp. / printed on acid-free paper
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It is almost six centuries since the invention of artificial perspective, a way of seeing that makes space a quantity, and the painter's art mathematical. This invention did not come to pass sine scientia. Alberti was the first to delineate the theory of the technique and leave legible evidence of its science. However, because as Manetti tells us, it is Brunelleschi we should credit with its invention. And yet regarding the precise nature of Brunelleschi's invention, and the circumstances in which it came about, we can be certain only of the mantle of obscurity which shrouds them, which reveals only rough outlines, the hints of answers to our questions. The authors gathered here look back into this history and approach those questions from their own discipline. Peering through the mist of time, as if into a stage across the hazy Arno, we attempt to recognise the characters and their roles in those first rehearsals of perspective. Perhaps a little like Alberti's early fictores, we tease out from that occluded view the formative strands of a method that was to dominate the production of art, and our conception of what it is to see, until the advent of photography and modernism. David A. Vila Domini


David A. Vila Domini, Guest Editor. Letter From The Editor


György Darvas. Perspective as a Symmetry Transformation
Tomás García-Salgado. Distance to the Perspective Plane
Marco Jaff. From the Vault of the Heavens
Richard Talbot. Speculations on the Origins of Linear Perspective
David A. Vila Domini. The Diminution of the Classical Column: Visual Sensibility in Antiquity and the Renaissance


Luisa Consiglieri and Victor Consiglieri. A Proposed Two-Semester Programme for Mathematics in the Architecture Curriculum


Mark A. Reynolds. Perspectiva Geometrica


Michael Chapman. Origins, Imitations, Conventions by James Ackerman
Jin-Ho Park. Contested Symmetries and Other Predicaments in Architecture by Preston Scott Cohen
Michael J. Ostwald and Stephen R. Wassell. "Dynamical Symmetries: Mathematical Synthesis Between Chaos Theory (Complexity), Fractal Geometry, And The Golden Mean" by Nigel Reading


João Pedro Xavier. Nel segno di Masaccio. L'invenzione della prospettiva (In the Traces of Masaccio. The Invention of Perspective)
Carol Bier. Bridges 2002: Connections Between Art, Music, and Science