Nexus Network Journal Volume 4 Number 1 (Winter 2002)

Nexus Network Journal Volume 4 Number 1 (Winter 2002)
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NNJ-vol4n1-thNexus Network Journal
Volume 4 Number 1
(Winter 2002)
"The Golden Section"
Stephen R. Wassell
Guest Editor

March 2003 / Paper / ISSN 1590-5896 / ISBN 888847904X / 144 pp. / printed on acid-free paper
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This is the Nexus Network Journal's first special issue dedicated to a particular subject: The golden section. The golden section, commonly denoted by phi,, is almost certainly the most controversial subject in the interdisciplinary field served by the Nexus Network Journal. Its use as a design tool is not controversial. Indeed, it is hard to argue with the considerable potential for useful proportional relationships available to the designer, based on the mathematical properties of the golden section, whereby additive and multiplicative properties are so beautifully married because of the fact that phi squared equal phi plus one (the square of the Golden Section is equal to the Golden Section plus Unity). No, the golden section is controversial because of the large number of questionable claims about applications of the golden section to a wide range of objects, both natural and human-made. Stephen R. Wassell


Stephen R. Wassell, Guest Editor. Letter From The Editor

Marcus Frings. The Golden Section In Architectural Theory
Christopher Glass. The Pythagopod
John Sharp. Spirals And The Golden Section
Dirk Huylebrouck and Patrick Labarque. More True Applications Of The Golden Number

Mark A. Reynolds. R-Tiles
Scott A. Olsen. The Indefinite Dyad And The Golden Section: Uncovering Plato's Second Principle

John Sharp. Proportion: Science Philosophy Architecture by Richard Padovan
Michael J. Ostwald and Stephen R. Wassell. "Dynamical Symmetries: Mathematical Synthesis Between Chaos Theory (Complexity), Fractal Geometry, And The Golden Mean" by Nigel Reading