Nexus Network Journal Volume 3 Number 2 (Summer-Autumn 2001)

Nexus Network Journal Volume 3 Number 2 (Summer-Autumn 2001)
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NNJ-v3n2-coverNexus Network Journal
Volume 3 Number 2
(Summer-Autumn 2001)

March 2003 / Paper / ISSN 1590-5896 / ISBN 8888479031 / 208 pp. ca./ printed on acid-free paper
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The Nexus Network Journal: Architecture and Mathematics volume 3 number 2 (Summer-Autumn 2001) contains articles on architecture and mathematics that, like the Nexus conferences and the Nexus series of books, are interdisciplinary and multicultural. In addition to Research Articles, this volume of the NNJ includes The Geometer's Angle by Mark A. Reynolds, Didactics, Book Reviews and Conference Reports.


Leonard K. Eaton. Comments on the Nexus 2000 Round Table Discussion


Leonard K. Eaton. Hardy Cross and the "Moment Distribution Method"
Michele Sbacchi. Euclidism And Theory Of Architecture
Michael Leyton. Group Theory And Architecture
Hans Vandevyvere. Gothic Flemish Town Halls In And Around Flanders, 1350-1550
Lionel March. Palladio's Villa Emo: The Golden Proportion Hypothesis Rebutted
Rachel Fletcher. Palladio's Villa Emo: The Golden Proportion Hypothesis Defended
Paul Rosin. Rosettes And Other Arrangements Of Circles
Åke Ekwall. Violins And Volutes

The Geometer's Angle

Mark A. Reynolds. From Pentagon To Heptagon: A Discovery On The Generation Of The Regular Heptagon: From The Equilateral Triangle And The Pentagon
Mark A. Reynolds. Geometric And Harmonic Means And Progressions
Stephen R. Wassell. Arithmetic, Geometric And Harmonic Sequences

Charles Bender. Math-Kitecture At PS 88
Roger Herz-Fischler. Proportions In The Architecture Curriculum

Karim Abdul Bangura. The Crest Of The Peacock By George Gherveghese Joseph
William D. Sapp. Traditions In Architecture By Dora P. Crouch And June G. Johnson
Mark A. Reynolds. The Shape Of The Great Pyramid By Roger Herz-Fischler

Daniel F. Daniel. Bridges 2001
John Sharp. Making Buildings