Some of My Life and Times

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Williams copertina.jpgSome of My Life and Times

William J. Williams

February 2016 / Paper / ISBN 978-88-88479-39-2 / 

94  pp. / ill. colori /  / printed on acid-free paper / English
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William Joseph (Bill) Williams was born in 1921 in Garland, Texas, and died in 2013 in Houston, just shy of his ninety-second birthday, a lifetime that spanned nine decades. The world that Bill grew up in no longer exists, but the story he tells brings it to life for those who come after him: pioneer grandparents who moved from Arkansas and Tennessee to Texas, hard-working parents bringing up a family of five boys and a girl during the Depression years, a small town and the delights it held for a youngster, the dangers and excitements of service in the European theater during World War II, the return to civilian life, marriage and children, and a career in the insurance business. In short: the story of a small boy in a small town and what happened after they both grew up..

In the author's words

This writing was meant to give my succeeding family members some idea of what my life has been all about. There is no time to tell my son and daughter, and grandchildren all the things I have written down here, and if I did they would perhaps not be able to recall them. It is not my intention to glamorize my life (as I see it in retrospective, but was rather strident, with its ups and downs, and mundane, but not unfulfilling), rather to put the happenings in some perspective that will assist family members in recalling some of the important instances. The things written here are personal, and I hope not boring for anyone who chooses to read these lines. Additionally, I believe that anyone interested in the early life of the citizens of Garland, and its surrounding territories, will find some interesting tidbits which may give some insight into the life of a small boy in a small town.